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S&G AGM - Thursday May 27
10am for 10.30 start
To be held via ZOOM
Full details can be found by clicking here.

S&G March Newsletter is now available.
Click here to read.

We now have an online Membership Form. Please use this to Renew or if you are a New Member. You can pay your Membership fee by Bank Transfer or cheque. Details are on the form.

The fee remains at £10 per person, £5 for associates.

In the light of the reduced programme members may need to consider this before joining.
If you have already joined by sending the paper form DO NOT APPLY AGAIN.

Click here to go to the form.

Nomination form to serve on our Committee - click here.

Volunteers needed

The committee are looking for people to take on the roles of (1) Secretary, (2) Venues Booking Secretay. The start dates are asap.
Please contact current post holder or any committee member for details.

Groups running in the Summer.
There will be NO Group fees during the Summer.

Please contact Group Leader for details of dates.


French Conversation 1 and Beginners French, via ZOOM. Click here for details.


Latin, Group A and Group B Click here for details.

Music Jamming

Fornightly from 16 April, 2pm, for 4 sessions via ZOOM. Click here for details.


Fornightly from 23 April, 2pm, for 4 sessions via ZOOM. Click here for details.

Film Group

Wednesday evenings, 7pm, via ZOOM. Click here for details.

Line Dancing will be using the internet.

Check with Group Leader for details.

Bowls at Wyrral Park Bowls Club

Paul Bradley is offering lawn bowls to u3a members, at Wyrral Park Bowls Club.
Taster sessions for £1, on a Monday afternoon, hopefully to start in April.
Dates to be confirmeed - watch this space.
Please complete the form below if you are interested.

Register for Bowls at Wyrral Park Bowls Club

Name *
Current membership Number *
Contact Number *
Email Address

U3A Podcast Channel on YouTube
click here for link.

Click here for u3a National Newsletter for April

Click here for u3a National Newsletter for March

NEW Phone Scam using local numbers
Avon & Somerset Police

We are hearing several reports of members receiving scam calls from local numbers, these are where scammers are trying to trick you into believing they MUST be real as they are near by. One such example has been received from a member in Martock who had a call claiming to be from Ebay security on a local number, very handy if there was indeed a problem with Ebay as we may be able to visit them to fix the problem (After Lockdown)! but quite clearly a scam. Several others have been reported since from various companies and again the ploy is to instil a sense of trust in the recipient.

Do please remain alert to any calls you receive advising for example:
you have a slow broadband connection,
your loft insulation does not meet current regulations,
you have post from Royal Mail that has not been fully paid,
your Amazon Prime has expired or has been hacked,
these will almost certainly be scams and if in doubt hang up, let the phone line clear for at least 5 minutes and then call the company back on a number you know, preferably on a different phone.
And please NEVER press 1 on your keypad when asked.

The S&G u3a Lockdown Band

During the lockdown a few members of our Music Jamming Group met weekly via Zoom. The leader, Tony Martin, came up with a way the group could still make music, with individual contributions combined into one track.
You can read the story, and hear their music by clicking here.

There is a Virtual u3a operating, independent of Street&Glastonbury, but affiliated to the u3a.
Click here to visit their website.

Red Cross Training

The Red Cross are offering First Aid courses.
Click here for details.

If you wish to contact the u3a on any matter please email us at:

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Frequently asked Questions
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Website Guide
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Documents page. This contains current documents only, with a link to Archive material. Click here to view

Emails. We may from time to time send out emails to all members. Please check your 'spam' or 'junk' email box frequently to see if they 'land' there.

Notification System. We use two providers for Notifications, FoxPush and SendPulse. Please click 'Allow' when prompted. It is safe and allows you to receive Notices on your desktop only from us.

Street and Glastonbury u3a has no fixed boundaries and covers an area beyond the village of Street and the town of Glastonbury including many villages in the vicinity. We are part of a unique and exciting organisation providing life-enhancing, life-changing opportunities to those who are retired or semi-retired; run for and by our members, who want to keep active in mind and body.

Our organisation is about learning new things, sharing life experiences, and most importantly making new friends.

As a member you will have access to the many and varied group activities – all run by our members.  There is no teacher, there is no exam, this is about enjoying yourself and learning for the sheer joy of it!

Retirement does not mean that we must stand still. It is a golden opportunity to take up new activities, to continue to learn, to laugh and live! Our aim is enjoyment – we want all members to see their membership as a means to enrich their lives.

Each year we typically recruit around 500 members and they participate in one or more of some 50 plus activity groups, coffee mornings, trips and events.

FEES: Our membership fees are £10 per person for the year September to August.

Click here to view and download a Membership Form. (For tax payers a Gift Aid declaration form is available on the Documents page). We also have an associate membership rate of £5 for existing members of neighbouring U3As who wish to join in on our programme of activities.

Most groups operate on a fortnightly basis for which a termly charge of £6 is made. Typically a term means 6 sessions.
Please check individual Group descriptions for any variance in the fee.
Individuals wishing to sample programmes are welcome. A nominal charge of £1 is made for such attendances.
Most groups meet between September and April but many also meet over the summer when a separate programme is published.

New members assure us that the welcome they receive is very positive. Please explore our Events and Groups pages. We hope that you find something of interest. If not, and you have ideas of activities that would be of interest, we would love to hear from you. We would be particularly pleased to hear from anyone willing to lead a group.

Reg. Charity Number: 1076664