Wednesday 8 April
S&G U3A: The committee are discussing arrangements for the
AGM; Group Leaders meeting; Enrolment Day; and the Autumn Programme.
When there is further news it will be posted here

Our website will keep you informed of activities to do from home,
like virtual tours, free online shows, puzzles and other fun stuff!
If you have any ideas to share please use the form on the Contact Us page.

Do you know your birds? Do you know their calls?
Mouse over a bird for its name and to hear its call.

Remember M*A*S*H?
They predicted this virus....

Click photo to watch video (5 minutes)

Latest Items

Fun Video 1

Fun Video 2

Fancy exploring the Grand Canyon?

Click the photo to take a tour.

Watch this live camera from Venice
and listen to Vivaldi
Click photo

Click the photo to see more from around the world, from the BBC

Some jokes doing the rounds...

Twenty years ago we had Johnny Cash, Bob Hope and Steve Jobs. Now we dont have cash, hope or jobs! I hope Kevin Bacon doesnt die!


Spare should come in handy!

Watch & listen to Beethovens 5th like you've never heard it before...(give the video time to load)

There are many more on YouTube - try this one: Bohemian Rhapsody!

This is a fun thing to do on your computer..visit the website and simply drag your mouse around the screen.

Click here

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Visit Chester Zoo and watch with their live webcams...

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Can you solve these?

1: Guess the next three letters in the sequence GTNTL

2: A man is looking at a photo of a person. His friend asks who it is. The man replies "I have no brothers or sisters, but that man's father is my father's son." Who was in the photo?

3: You are in a cycle race. Just before the finish line you pass the person in second place. In what place did you finish?

4: What can you see once in a minute, twice in a moment, but never in a thousand years?

5: What's the missing number ?

If you wish to send your answers in please use this form. We will not publish names!

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Dog breed answers from Tuesday

Answers to Photos from Monday

Top row: seat belt; button; hour glass
Second row: golf ball; joystick; camera lens
Third row: lipstick; match; pencil
Bottom row: piano keys


Some great virtual tours and online visits...

FREE streaming of Opera from New Yorks Metropolitan Opera House - Click here
Virtual Tours of the Louvre in Paris - click here
How about a visit to the Vatican - click here

There are more great tours and links further down this page...

Keeping fit when at home
Our U3A Tai Chi instructor, Steve Cousins, has offered to help current and past members of his groups with exercises to keep fit during this time. Please contact Steve by email:

Here is a link to free online boredom busting things to do...
Learning; Nature; Music; Virtual Tours; Arts; Nature; and more...
Click here

For Queen lovers this is a image!

Ralph McTell has released a new verse to 'Streets of London'.

Click to watch and listen

Click image to watch a new, fun, song by the 'Beatles'...

Would you like to listen to any radio station in the world?
Follow this link and you can rotate the globe and
home in on a particular station and listen to what is being the globe

For children at home here is a link for them to explore 40 Virtual Field Trips from around the here

Click this image to visit the Great Wall of China!

Or how about a trip to the Amazon rainforest?

What about the Johnson Space centre?

A "helpful" guide to this crisis.. click the book to view

Here are some great links to follow when in isolation.
They have all been checked,
and they allow you to 'visit' some great museums worldwide:

Guggenheim Museum, New York - 3D tour
Musee d'Orsay, Paris
Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam - 3D tour
Paul Getty Museum, Los Angeles
Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam
Uffizi Gallery, Florence - install Google Arts & Culture app to explore virtual reality tour
MASP, Sao Paulo - install Google Arts & Culture app to explore virtual reality tour
National Gallery of Art, Washington - install Google Arts & Culture app to explore virtual reality tour
Paris Museums - 100,000 images online for free viewing
Googles Art site - explore in 3D many places of interest
If you have any similar suggestions please send them in,
use the form on Contact Us page

Here is another site with free online resources for music, geography, nature, virtual tours, online learning ... click here.

Our DIY members have reported getting some of the jobs done whilst in self-isolation...

You can find info from Third Age Trust by clicking here.
This gives latest information plus ways to keep in touch.

They are also setting up a 'Living History' project

Living History in Unprecedented Times

U3A members are being asked to help craft a shared learning project
where they create living history of this extraordinary time.

The project will look for personal thoughts, ideas and reflections on how this feels to you
and what you are doing to deal with it.
Members may want to keep an electronic diary or to find a little note-book
which you can have close at hand to scribble down thoughts as they come.

If you want take part - please keep in touch with us.
At the moment share your ideas at
but in the next few days we will have a dedicated email address for this living history project.

So keep checking the website and national newsletter.

We will keep this website updated with information so please check regularly.
Please spread the word to friends so they can receive the latest information.

Naturally, we all hope that the crisis will be over well before our Autumn programme commences, and we can return to normality!

If you have any questions or concerns email: or complete the Form on the Contact Us page

Stay healthy and look after one another!

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Street and Glastonbury U3A has no fixed boundaries and covers an area beyond the village of Street and the town of Glastonbury including many villages in the vicinity. We are part of a unique and exciting organisation providing life-enhancing, life-changing opportunities to those who are retired or semi-retired; run for and by our members, who want to keep active in mind and body.

Our organisation is about learning new things, sharing life experiences, and most importantly making new friends.

As a member you will have access to the many and varied group activities – all run by our members.  There is no teacher, there is no exam; this is about enjoying yourself and learning for the sheer joy of it!

Retirement does not mean that we must stand still. It is a golden opportunity to take up new activities, to continue to learn, to laugh and live! Our aim is enjoyment – we want all members to see their membership as a means to enrich their lives.

Each year we typically recruit around 500 members and they participate in one or more of some 50 plus activity groups, coffee mornings, trips and events.

Our membership fees are £10 per person for the year September to August.

Click here to view and download a Membership Form. (For tax payers a Gift Aid declaration form is available on the Documents page). We also have an associate membership rate of £5 for existing members of neighbouring U3As who wish to join in on our programme of activities.

Most groups operate on a fortnightly basis for which a termly charge of £6 is made. Typically a term means 6 sessions.
Please check individual Group descriptions for any variance in the fee.
Individuals wishing to sample programmes are welcome. A nominal charge of £1 is made for such attendances.
Most groups meet between September and April but many also meet over the summer when a separate programme is published.

New members assure us that the welcome they receive is very positive. Please explore our Events and Groups pages. We hope that you find something of interest. If not, and you have ideas of activities that would be of interest, we would love to hear from you. We would be particularly pleased to hear from anyone willing to lead a group.

Reg. Charity Number: 1076664