u3a Group Details


Alternate Weeks, Thursday, 10am-1pm

Venue: Meet at Park Farm Road, Glastonbury – see map on right

Leader: Charlie Beaton

Email: cbeaton@gmx.co.uk

Tel: 07802 422091

Meeting at Market Place, GLASTONBURY, 10am

Next cycle ride..

Short rides between 10-20 miles on quiet lanes. Coffee stop included.

Our next ride will be to Wookey, fifteen miles there-and-back, on Thursday, 8th June, setting off from the Market Place, Glastonbury at 10am. Back by 1pm.

See map on left.

Hot drink and cake aplenty at Wookey Hub halfway through your outing, which is level with one hill each way. All welcome, especially returning bicycle users. 

NB The group of cyclists decided to meet in the Market Place, rather than Park Farm Road, for two reasons: it’s more convenient and it publicises the group to passersby who may be potential members.

Routes & Maps of previous cycle rides

Thursday, 25th May, 2023
Four members took the Baltonsborough Circle.
We saw the Cedar avenue near Butleigh, the perfect spot for Tor artists on the bridge before Baltonsborough and the glorious trek on the drove across Kennard Moor.
Thursday, 11th May, 2023
Three members took the fifteen-mile, mostly-level Westhay Circle today.
We saw the peat extraction and the waterfowl lakes at Sharpham, the volunteer gardening plot on Bradley Stream Road and the RSPB Ham Wall, before taking the lovely Meareway through Meare to our coffee stop at Sweet’s Tea Rooms on Blakeway.
Then, it was a level ride, flanked by rhynes past Westhay Moor National Nature Reserve and lovely Godney back to Glastonbury. We had nice warm weather throughout the ride.
The next ride is a circular outing to Baltonsborough taking in some sights of Street, setting off from Park Farm Road BA6 9NN on Thursday, 25th May at 10am, back by 1pm.
Thursday, 27th April, 2023
Three members took the fifteen-mile, mostly-level Coxley Circle today.
We saw Godney, the curious motte and bailey at Fenny Castle, Coxley’s former railway level crossing and the lovely tea room at Browne’s Garden Centre. Then, it was a level ride flanked by rhynes and all the wildlife back to Glastonbury.
We only had a little rain on our return. The next ride is to Westhay on Thursday, 11th May setting off at 10am, back by 1pm. All cyclist welcome: veterans, returners and new comers. Don’t be shy. If you can’t keep going or have a mechanical, we’ll see you home. Easy some fresh air and country scenes on easy cycling routes.
Thursday, 13th April, 2023
The Middlewick East Circle. It’s a flat ride of 10 miles. Please details on right and map below.
Set off 10am to cycle 50 minutes or so to the café stop; rest for 20 minutes; cycle for 50 minutes or so to the starting point. Ordinary clothing is suitable for this ride.