u3a Group Details

Wine Appreciation

 Once a month, dates vary. Please contact Paul & Corinne for details.

Venue: Members’ homes – various

Leader: Paul & Corinne Thompson      Tel:01458 833916      Email:corinne.thompson@talktalk.net

We meet monthly with the aim of having fun. Each month we have a theme chosen by the members. We have a price limit on the cost of wine at £10 a bottle maximum. At the end of each meeting we vote to find the wine we consider represented the best value and the wine we enjoyed the most.

Last year year the themes have been New World wines, Australian wines, South African red wines, Italian white wines and Italian red wines. We have also had a blind tasting session. We hope to have a visit to a local vineyard in the coming months.

This is a light-hearted venture with members enjoying a social atmosphere and learning a little about wines as we go along. We are looking forward to continuing for a third year.

Because we meet in members’ homes the number we can accommodate is small but there will be space for a few newcomers in September.