u3a Group Details


There are 2 Groups:

Ukulele Band

Week 2; Friday 2pm-4pm

Venue: St Marys Church Hall, Glastonbury

Leader: Wendy Howiantz   Tel:01458 447069  Email:wendyhowiantz@gmail.com

Ukulele for Beginners

Week 2; Monday 2pm-4pm

Venue: St Marys Church Hall, Glastonbury

Leader: Ray Goodby  Tel:01458 850734    Email:Ray.Goodby@btinternet.com

The Ukulele Band is a group for people who already have some experience of playing the ukulele. Our emphasis is on playing a variety of music including rock, pop, folk, jazz etc. which members are free to suggest if they wish, gradually building our knowledge of chords, strumming patterns, bits of solo work and some very basic music theory, but mainly we aim to have fun. I defy anyone to be unhappy playing the Uke.

Any size of ukulele is acceptable in the group and any kind of voice, although singing is not at all compulsory if you are not comfortable with it. You will need a music stand and a folder. All music is available for printing here on the website. Click on the ‘Songbooks‘ image above.

We have a really lovely group who are extremely friendly and great fun. Places are limited as the group is already quite large.

Ukulele for Beginners. The Ukulele is a fun and very versatile instrument that is not too difficult to learn. This course is designed for beginners. You will need a music stand, and be able to download songs from our website. Oh, yes, and a ukulele!







Venue Parking: The hall is behind the Catholic Church on Magdalene Street. There are 8 designated parking spaces directly behind the hall, accessed from the turning to Morrisons petrol station, the rest of the car park is allocated to Cavendish House, however there is good access from Morrisons car park, although you may need to consider the time limit there, currently 3 hours.