u3a Group Details

Reading Shakespeare

Week 2, Monday, 2.00 – 4.00pm

Venue: Mission Church, Street.

Leader: Julie Hillman    Tel:01458 446643   Email:juliehillman@btinternet.com

The group is relaxed and informal made up of members who may be new to Shakespeare, long-time enthusiasts, or anywhere in between. A typical session consists of reading our chosen play aloud interspersed with lively discussion.

This time around we have chosen All’s Well That Ends Well; often referred to as a problem play, it is a comedy written mid-career with a story line borrowed from the Decameron.

At some stage during the term, adding to our enjoyment and aiding our reading and understanding, we watch a film of the play on DVD, often the BBC production selected for its close reproduction of the original text, but sometimes a more cinematic version.

We do currently have spaces so if you think you might be interested to join us do contact Julie.