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Music Making

Week 1, Friday 2.00 – 4.00pm

Venue: Street Football Club

Leader: Tony Martin    Tel:01458 841060     Email:tony_martin@btinternet.com;

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Music Making is for those who like, or would like, to play music together.

We currently have a good mix of instruments including keyboard, guitar, flute, clarinet, melodica, ukulele, recorder, mouth organ and cello.

Members of the group are encouraged to bring in their own choices of song or tune to share with us all. Styles of music are wide ranging but mostly popular music, jazz and folk from various parts of the world.

We have a collection of music in note, chord & lyrics format to view and download. Click the ‘band’ above for the Portfolio of music.

All instruments and standards are welcome. If you enjoy singing as well as playing, instrument permitting, all the better.