u3a Group Details

Local History

Week 1, Friday, 10.00 – 12.00

Venue: United Reform Church, Glastonbury

Leader: Chris Craig    Tel:01458 833857

A long-standing and very popular group, Local History continues with the usual mixture of interesting and enjoyable talks, covering topics from the locality of Glastonbury, the county of Somerset, to the South West of England.

Subjects covered in the talks and the style of presentation vary immensely, many being given by outside guest speakers showing a great deal of knowledge in their particular subject, and others (especially welcome) by our own members with a wealth of local knowledge.

We plan to see a film on the history of Windmill Hill, our famous local social housing estate, explore the demise of Abbott Whiting and the Dissolution of The Abbey, discuss the Glastonbury Zodiac: is it myth or real?

NB. Sometimes, although infrequently, an outside speaker charges a fee. In these instances group members are asked to contribute £1 each towards the cost.