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Street & Glastonbury u3a is able to reclaim 25% of your membership fee.

If you are willing for us to do this, and you pay sufficient tax (equal to at least the 25%), please complete this form.

It costs you nothing and we make the claim.


This form should be signed by each person eligible to make a Gift Aid donation. Please complete fully.

IMPORTANT Declaration
By submitting this form you make the following declaration:

1 I/We want the u3a to treat all donations I/we make as Gift Aid donations, and confirm that I/we will pay an amount of Income Tax and/or Capital Gains Tax for each tax year, that is at least equal to the amount of tax that will be reclaimed on all my/our gifts in that tax year.

I/We are UK taxpayer(s) and understand that if I/we pay less Income Tax and/or Capital Gains Tax in the current tax year than the amount of Gift Aid claimed on all donations it is my responsibility to pay any difference

2 I/we will notify the Treasurer if I/we no longer pay sufficient Income Tax and/or Capital Gains Tax.

3 I/we will notify the Membership Secretary if I/we change my/our name or home address.