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Chinese Brush Painting

Monday 10.00 – 12.00

Venue: Crispin Community Centre, Street

Leader: Jeanne Bradban   Tel:01278 685744

Chinese brush painting is an ancient art form. The Chinese believe that a painting should have life and energy and be rich with symbols or hidden meaning e.g. the orchid symbolises beauty, modesty & refinement and plum blossom means hope & renewal.

The group will learn about the “four treasures”, the materials used i.e. watercolours, rice paper, ink and ink stone and learn the handling of the brush and basic strokes then take it from there. Members are encouraged to practise at home between sessions.

This form of art work is both fascinating and fun and can be achieved by a complete beginner.

Contact Jeanne to find out more including what materials you will need and how to obtain them.