Advice for Walkers

1. Wear sensible boots or shoes and socks suitable for walking in the countryside. These walks are generally not suitable for ordinary town shoes.
2. A rucksack or backpack is recommended for carrying what you need (including extra clothing); they leave the hands free and are more comfortable than a shoulder bag.
3. Wear or carry in your rucksack a good quality waterproof and windproof jacket; something with at least a hood or provision for a hood to be attached.
4. Wear suitable trousers. Modern synthetic walking trousers are lightweight, loose-fitting, and quick-drying and have handy pockets. Shorts if the weather is fine but beware of nettles, brambles and ticks which are becoming more widespread.
5. Wear suitable headgear to keep the sun off and also keep you warm in cold weather. Also cream to avoid sun burn.
6. A walking pole, although not essential, will be useful for most of the walks.

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