"Activities Restart" Survey for Sept 2020

There are no Group activities planned for the remainder of the
current U3A year ending Aug 2020.

Given the uncertain situation at the moment this survey
will help the committee gauge members current views,
and so help with making plans for the future.

If there are important changes in the situation later, we may run the survey again.

Your name is required to ensure only members views are considered.
Names will NOT be published.
You may add any comments in the box at the bottom.
Click 'SUBMIT' to send your responses. Thank you.

* Please answer all questions, based on the current situation.

Your First Name and Surname *
1 Regardless of when our activities start, will you be joining the U3A from September? *
(Choose one)

2 Which month would you prefer as the starting month for our Groups?*
(Choose one)
September 2020
January 2021
Later than Jan 2021

3 In the light of current information, do you have concerns about meeting in groups? *
(Choose one)

We are looking at ways to arrange meetings if we cannot use normal meeting places, eg for the AGM and some Groups. Your response to Q4 allows us to consider alternatives.

4 Have you used, or willing to use, ZOOM or Google MEET for video conferencing? *
(We would provide instructions on how to access and use if needed.)
5 The following Groups meet in a booked venue. NB Groups that do not need a booked venue are not listed.
If we start in September, tick all the Groups you hope to join (assuming the venue is open) *

(Choose all that apply)

Book Group
British History
Chinese Brush Painting
Latin - any group
Line Dancing
Local History
Mah Jong
Music Appreciation (new group)
Music Jamming
Nature Painting
Painting for Pleasure - either group
Quilting for All
Reading Greek Tragedy
Reading Shakespeare - either group
Sewing Bee
Table Tennis - Ashcott VH
Tai Chi - any group
Ukulele Band
Ukulele Improvers
I will not join any groups in September

If you wish to make any comments please add them here - optional