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SCAMS, how to spot them and how to avoid them.

The Third Age Trust asked NatWest Bank to hold a seminar on this topic.
This was held using Zoom and here are the important points raised in the seminar.

A few statistics:
~ 53% of scam victims are over the age of 55
~ Only 5% of scams are reported
~ In 2019 £1.2billion lost through scams in the UK
~ Since the Lockdown in March, cost of scams linked to coronavirus estimated at £2.4million

Slides by NatWest - with side notes added

~ For phone calls unless you know the caller do not trust the voice

~ They can sound friendly

~ They do not always have foreign accents

~ If you are unsure HANG UP

~ If the call is unexpected do not trust the voice. They can sound legitimate and persuasive

~ NEVER call them back from the same phone, you will speak to the same fraudsters

~ NEVER call a number they give you

~ If you are unsure HANG UP

~ Coronavirus scams have become very common

~ Beware of emails, texts, phone calls offering tax refunds

~ Be aware of official looking contacts, eg WHO

~ There are many fake cures on offer

~ Do NOT click any links in texts, emails

~ Always visit the genuine website from your browser, eg Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge

~ Delete texts, emails without clicking links

~ NEVER give remote access to any caller. They will access passwords, and record all key presses

~ Banks, police, HMRC will NEVER ask you to move money

~ Banks, Police, HMRC will NEVER ask for PINs or passwords

~ Many texts and emails look genuine

~ Do NOT reply or click links

~ If you are unsure DELETE

~ Do not be afraid to report being caught

~ Phone your bank or the police

~ Report the scam to Action Fraud on 0300 123 2040

Final points:
Check bank accounts regularley for unknown payments, even small amounts.
Microsoft and other IT companies, BT, TalkTalk etc will NEVER contact you saying you have slow wifi
You can check if your email address has been hacked by visiting:
Enter your email address. Change your password if you have.

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