Group Summaries

Literature ~ Brief summary of the groups. Full details can be found by clicking the group name.

Book Group

For the first session of the new U3A year 2022, we will be taking a look at 2021 Booker winner Shuggie Bain by Douglas Stuart. There is opportunity for everyone to have their say.

1st Thursday in month, 2.00 – 4.00pm (Check dates)

Venue: St Edmund’s Hall, Glastonbury

Leader: Julie Hillman

Reading Shakespeare

A typical session consists of reading our chosen play aloud interspersed with lively discussion. This time around we have chosen All’s Well That Ends Well, it is a comedy written mid-career with a story line borrowed from the Decameron. At some stage during the term we watch a film of the play on DVD, often a production selected for its close reproduction of the original text, but sometimes a more cinematic version. 

Week 2, Monday, 2.00 – 4.00pm

Venue: Mission Church, Street.

Leader: Julie Hillman

Reading Greek Tragedy (in English)

Tragedy in our Time, as Greek Tragedy is timeless and yet for all time. Because of this we spend a lot of time in our sessions talking about what we have read and how it finds echoes in our lives.

 Week 2, Wednesday 10.00am – 12.00pm

Venue: Baltonsborough Church Room

Leader: Jennifer Westcott