Film Group

Time: NB 4th Wednesday of each month, 7.00pm-9pm, but the date is flexible. Please check with Musetta.

Place: Pipers Inn, Ashcott

Leader: Musetta Lench, Tel: 01458 241251

Our lively group of around a dozen film enthusiasts meets informally once a month

The original objective of featuring a wide range of film genres has already been well met and looks to continue.  In this way we all experience films which we may not otherwise watch, as each month the film is chosen by a different member of the  group. 

So far we have watched the late silent feature 'Piccadilly', the critically acclaimed Brazilian crime drama 'City of God', the Oscar winning Japanese fantasy animation 'Spirited Away',  'Went the Day Well' a well-crafted wartime propaganda film from Ealing Studios, the 90's comedy 'Still Crazy', a gripping German feature 'The Lives of Others' and the film noir 'Odd Man Out'. Future plans include the American sci-fi film 'I Origins', 'Pather Panchali', the first in Satyajit Ray's acclaimed 'Apu' trilogy and the Bollywood musical drama 'Lagaan'. Some of the other genres yet to be chosen for discussion are horror, western and book adaptation.

The organisation of our group is a little like a book club in that all members watch the chosen film before the meeting.  The early evening timing allows members to attend afternoon commitments and have the rest of the evening free.  One requirement is that chosen films should be readily accessible, either for purchase at a moderate price, to view online, borrow from the local library, or to share amongst members.

Our discussions have expanded to include other related films, as well as what we may have seen during the previous month and forthcoming releases.  Many of us take advantage of what is on offer at our local Strode Theatre.

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