Calm Meditation

Time: Week 1; time TBC

Place: 4 Portway Lodge, 77 Portway, Wells

Leader: Joy Youngman, Tel: 01749 938956

Calm meditation is a simple way of accessing calm in the midst of the busy world we live in. In short we feel better, more alert, live life more in the present moment and it shows in our relationships and life in general, no matter what state our body is in.

It is a simple technique that can be practised open-eyed throughout our day and closed eye during a meditation sitting and no - you don't need to be able to sit with legs crossed like a pretzel. A chair will suffice.

You will be taught and will experience how to be at peace with your mind when it is very busy or having a drama attack and how to resolve both short and long term stress helping your body to relax and return to its harmonious state where it can start to heal. This in turn can lead to better sleep and health.

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