Poetry for Pleasure

Time: Week 2, Tuesday, 2.00 - 4.00pm

Place: TBC

Leader: TBC

This group studies Poetry for Pleasure. We meet to read poems and discuss them. Some poems are challenging; some are thought-provoking, some are evocative, sometimes we just have fun. It is NOT hard work.

Each member of the group takes a turn finding about 18 poems on a topic, or by a poet of their choice. (Simple arithmetic: 12 members/12 classes = each member has to make their choice once a year). Members are welcome to borrow any of my books for this purpose.

Once the poems are selected, I compile a booklet for the members to read aloud. We have a break for tea and biscuits and I charge 50p to cover this and the cost of printing the booklets which you may like to keep.

Occasionally, we agree on a topic for homework and some members are inspired to write a poem. However, homework is entirely optional.

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