Reading Greek Tragedy

Time: Week 2, Wednesday 10.00am - 12.00pm

Place: Baltonsborough Church Room

Leader: Jennifer Westcott, Tel: 01458 850054; Email:

Everybody has heard of Medea, Agamemnon, Clytaemnestra, Oedipus, but perhaps only have a hazy idea of their place in Greek mythology. They are monstrous characters, larger than life, the embodiment of the extremes of the human personality; horrific and yet impossible to ignore.

These are the figures that people Greek tragedy: their desires, their passions, their inability to flee their destiny grip us as soon as we enter their world. The first tragedy we shall read will be Medea by Euripides and I defy you not to be fascinated by its horrific heroine and caught up in the coils of her passions.

But in order to be able to enter the world of Greek tragedy we need to understand something of the world and dramatic conventions that produced it. So we shall start with a week or two learning about the occasions on which the tragedies were performed, the purpose of the performance, the theatre buildings and the theatrical conventions including the use of the chorus.

Then we meet Medea …..!

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