There are 3 Latin Groups

1 ~ Latin Reading

Time: Week 1, Wednesday, 10.30 - 12.30

Place: Baltonsborough Church Room

Leader: Jennifer Westcott, Tel: 01458 850054; Email:

We have now finished our first year of being a reading group rather than a class and I am full of admiration for the way group has tackled quite taxing passages,  not giving up in the face of difficulty. These passages were written by Virgil (the story of Orpheus and Eurydice) and Tacitus (the plotting against Germanicus by the emperor Tiberius). We have even been able to apply the techniques of literary criticism in order to see how poetic effects are achieved in another language. This leads to trying to arrive at not only an accurate translation, but also a stylistic one.

We have also been brushing up our grammar, going right back to the beginning, with homework to consolidate the latest point. Then the third element of the session is “Listen with Mother”, when I read out a passage in English from a great Latin author. These passages usually give rise to a great deal of discussion. This year, for example, we looked at passages from a mediaeval Book of Hours, heard how the Roman soldiers prepared for battle, learnt about a poisoning carried out by women, enjoyed Pliny’s tender letters about his young wife and some of Seneca’s reflections on philosophy.

2 ~ Latin Year 2

Time: Week 1, Wednesday, 2.00 - 4.00pm

Place: Baltonsborough Church Room

Leader: Pat Thompson, Tel: 01749 890213

This is the second year of Latin but we are still on Book One so there is time for anyone to join us who has either done Latin before (decades ago!) or who is prepared to put in a bit of work to catch up. We are proceeding at a very steady pace and there is no rushing so do think about it. We take time to consider English words: spelling and usage; and we also study aspects of Roman life.

3 ~ Latin Annus Quinque

Time: Week 2, Wednesday, 2.00 - 4.00pm

Place: Baltonsborough Church Room

Leader: Pat Thompson, Tel: 01749 890213

A dedicated core of students is progressing nicely towards the end of Book III and we will soon start Book IV. There is space at the venue for more people but you would have to have done Latin reasonably recently to be able to join us at this level.

If you are keen but think this class may be a little ahead of you why not join the Second Years and build up to this stage gradually? We consider English words as well as Latin and we discuss aspects of Roman history, culture and beliefs.

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