History: Britain &Europe 1900-1914

Time: Week 1, Thursday, 2.00 - 4.00pm

Place: Tor Leisure, Glastonbury. NB Change of venue

Leader: Wilton Wills, Tel: 01458 833995; Email: wiltonwills@gmail.com

This coming September we are moving on to pastures knew, following a successful year in which we covered the huge canvass of 19th century World History, including the Empress Cixi of China, Imperial Russia under the Tsars, and the collapse of Spanish and Portuguese rule in South America, we are coming back to earth with a bang!

We are going to focus on politics in the decade before the outbreak of World War 1, and particularly on the politicians who shaped events – some are in the "rogues gallery" above. Who are they? How did they climb the slippery pole of power? How reponsible were they for the catastrophe of the Great War and the decline of British power in the World?

"Lloyd George knew my Father, Father knew Lloyd George." For some of us in the History Group this has become literally true!

Our meetings always aim to produce argument, discussion and new ideas. New members with ideas and enthusiasm are always welcome.

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