Making Better Use of Your Digital Camera

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Camera Group

Group Details

Leader: Andrew Boatswain

This is for beginners who currently just press and shoot with their camera and have very little idea of how they can get enjoyment from using some of the features which have been built into the equipment they already own.

We could meet through Zoom - it is ideal in that we could start with basics and gradually explore refinements, swapping pictures so that we can admire each others work.

I have a good knowledge of digital photography and would be happy to lead such a group passing on my knowledge and helping members of the group to expand theirs.

Members would need to own a camera (even a phone camera would do) and be able to cope with a Zoom meeting which means having access to a computer, tablet or smartphone with a camera and internet access for Zoom meetings.

If interested complete the form on the left and I will contact you.