Nature Painting

Time: Week 2, Thursday 10.00 - 12.00

Place: St. Edmunds Hall, Glastonbury

Leader: Alison Green, Tel: 01458 833665

A journey into the wonderful world of painting. An introduction to painting using water based paints i.e. water colour, gouache or acrylics.

No previous experience necessary, just a willingness to have a go and have some fun. The emphasis will be on individual needs and goals.

Some materials will be provided for you to use at the first session. Please bring any painting materials that you have at home. After this, you may need to purchase materials for further sessions which we can discuss during the class.

The aim is to encourage, inspire, explore and build confidence.

Basic equipment required: Pencil; Water colour paper; Medium size painting brush; Jar for water; Palette or plate for mixing; Paints

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