Groups Programme 2021~2022
starting Monday 13th September

The Programme shown below is dependent on
venues being open and Government Guidelines being followed.

Some Groups are still in need of a Leader.
Without a GL the activity will not run.

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Art & Creative

Chinese Brush Painting (1 Mon,am,St Edmunds)
Painting for Pleasure (2 Tue,am,St Edmunds)
Painting for Pleasure (1 Fri,am,St Edmunds)
Quilting for All (2 Wed,am,CD Village Hall)
Sewing Bee (2 Tue,pm,CD Village Hall)
Digital Photography (1 Thu,pm,venue to be decided)


Whist (1 Thu,pm,Lime Close)
Chess (1Wed,am,St Edmunds)
Mah Jong (2 Thu,pm,Tannery)
Scrabble (2 Tue,pm,Grace Com Ch)
Upwords/Rummikub (1 Tue,pm,Lime Close)


Tudor England (1 Thu,pm,Tor Leisure)
Local History (1 Fri,am,URC Glastonbury)

Keep Fit

Tai Chi (1&2 Tue,am,Crispin CC)
Tai Chi (1&2 Wed,am,Crispin CC)
Yoga (1&2 Wed,am,Victoria Club)
Walking Group (Wed, various)


Beginners French (1 Wed,pm,GL home)
Improvers French (2 Mon,pm,GL home)
French Conversation (1 Wed,pm,Mission Ch)
German Conversation (2 Tue,pm,GL home)
Latin A (1 Wed,pm,Baltons. Ch Rm)
Latin B (2 Wed,pm,Baltons. Ch Rm)
Latin Reading (1 Wed,am,Baltons. Ch Rm)


Book Group (2 Thu,pm,St Edmunds)
Reading Shakespeare (2 Mon,pm,St Edmunds)
Reading Greek Tragedy (2 Wed,am,Baltons. Ch Rm)
TBC Reading Shakespeare (1 Mon,pm)


Line Dancing (1&2 Mon,am,Ashcott VH)
Ukulele Band (2 Fri,pm,St Marys Hall)
Ukulele Improvers (1 Tue,pm,St Marys Hall)
Music Jamming (1 Fri,pm,Tor Leisure)
Sinatra & Jazz (2 Fri,am,St Edmunds)
Music Appreciation (2 Thu,pm,Tor Leisure)
Singing for Pleasure (2 Mon,pm,St Benedicts Ch)


Table Tennis (Ashcott 1&2 Tue,am)
Table Tennis (Ashcott 1&2 Fri,am)
Table Tennis (Ashcott 1&2 Fri,pm,Ashcott VH)
Table Tennis (Strode 1&2 Mon, pm,Strode Coll)
Badminton (1&2 Thu,pm,Strode Coll)
Petanque (2 Thu,pm,CD Village Hall)
Croquet (1&2 Mon,am,Victoria Club)
TBC Racketball (1&2 Wed,am)


Wine Appreciation (Fri, pm various)
Film Group (Wed, pm,GL home)
Sunday Lunch Group (Sun, various)

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Most groups meet on a two-weekly basis - Week 1 or Week 2.

Week 1 groups begin week commencing 13th September 2021 for 6 fortnightly sessions.

Week 2 groups begin week commencing 20th September 2021 for 6 fortnightly sessions.

Download the 2021-2022 Programme by clicking here

- click group for details (week number in brackets)

  Monday am Tuesday am Wednesday am Thursday am Friday am Sunday
Morning Line Dancing (1,2) Table Tennis (1,2) Chess (1)   Table Tennis (1,2) Lunch Group
Chinese Brush Painting (1) Painting for Pleasure (2) Latin Reading (1)   Painting for Pleasure (1)  
  T'ai Chi (1,2) Quilting (2)   Sinatra & Jazz (2)  
    TBC Racketball (1,2)   Local History (1)  
    Reading Greek Tragedy (2)      
    Walking Group      
    Yoga (1,2)    
    T'ai Chi (1,2)    
  Monday pm Tuesday pm Wednesday pm Thursday pm Friday pm Sunday
Afternoon Reading Shakespeare (1,2) Sewing Bee (2) French Conversation (1) Tudor England (1) Table Tennis (1,2)  
Improvers' French (2) Upwords & Rummikub (1) Latin A (1) Whist (1) Music Jamming (1)  
Table Tennis (Strode) (1,2) Scrabble (2) Latin B (2) Badminton (1,2) Ukulele Band (2)  
Singing for Pleasure (2) German Conversation (2) Beginners' French (1) Book Group (dates vary)    
  Improvers' Ukulele (1) Film Group (7.30pm-9.30pm dates vary) Mah-Jong (2)    
      Digital Photography (1)    
      Music Appreciation (2)    
      Pétanque (2)    

Most morning sessions are 10am to Noon or 10.30 to 12.30 and most afternoon sessions are 2pm to 4 pm

Please check individual groups for precise times and venue.

Some groups run in both weeks which means that most members participate weekly.

- click group for details

Art & Creative Chinese Brush Painting Painting for Pleasure Digital Photography Quilting Sewing Bee  
Games Whist Chess Mah-Jong Scrabble Upwords&Rummikub  
History Tudor England Local History        
Keep Fit T'ai Chi Walking Group Yoga      
Languages French German Latin      
Literature Book Group Reading Shakespeare Reading Greek Tragedy      
Music Singing for Pleasure Line Dancing Ukulele Music Jamming Sinatra &Jazz Music Appreciation
Sports Badminton Pétanque Racketball Table Tennis Croquet  
Miscellaneous Sunday Lunch Group Wine Appreciation Film Group      

Group Fees

Most classes operate on a fortnightly basis which costs £6 per term. Please check individual Group descriptions for any variance in the fee.
Typically a term means 6 sessions. Individuals wishing to sample groups are welcome, and a nominal charge of £1 is made for each taster session. You must be a member of the u3a to join a group except if it's a taster session.