u3a Group Details

French - there are 3 groups

If you would like to pick up a few words to try out on your holiday or you’ve always wanted to learn a language and would like to make a start in a friendly, relaxed atmosphere, come and give us a try! The groups are small and friendly, and welcome new members.

1 ~ French Improvers’

Week 1, Wednesday 2.30 – 4.30pm  NB Start time is 2.30pm

Venue: 12 West Street, Wells

Leader: Shirley Gunter Tel:01749 676707     Email:shirleygunter32@yahoo.co.uk

This group is for people with no previous experience of the language who would like to learn to introduce themselves, order a meal/drink, book a room in a hotel or ask for directions etc.

The group is working through the Facon de Parler text books. Some of the group started as beginners a few years ago . Others have built on the knowledge of French which they already had. 

2 ~ French Intermediate

Week 2, Monday 2.00 – 4.00pm  

Venue: 12 West Street, Wells

Leader: Shirley Gunter    Tel:01749 676707  Email:shirleygunter32@yahoo.co.uk

As the name would suggest this group has been going now for a few years. It is for those who have been with the group over the last year or so OR have a little French on which they hope to build.

The group work through articles and short stories…translating and discussing them. We also do some grammar work each time. 

We mainly use the ‘Façon de Parler’ course (book one) which takes the form of amusing sketches and games. We meet in my house in Wells.

3 ~ French Conversation

Week 1, Wednesday 2.00 – 4.00pm

Venue: Mission Church, Vestry Road, Street

Leader: Jenny Lewis  Tel:01458 442034  Email:jnylewis@gmail.com

The French conversation group is small (about12), informal and relaxed. There is no set formula; topics discussed might cover subjects such as music, films and holidays.

We listen to CDs and read magazines in French which are also available to borrow.

The standard is variable with many referrals to a dictionary! Much encouragement is given by our native born French speaker to those who struggle.

The class is a most enjoyable way of learning or maintaining one’s French language skills.