As we do not know what restrictions will be in place in the weeks ahead, and with our members safety in mind, it has been decided NOT to hold the AGM at the Town Hall.
To comply with regulations and to give current members the opportunity to attend the AGM, it will be held via Zoom:

AGM, Thursday 13 August, 10.00am - 12.00noon

The Zoom 'Waiting Room' will open at 9.30am to give members time to join the meeting.
The Zoom meeting ID, password and link will be posted on this page in the days before the meeting.

We appreciate that not all members will have access to Zoom, however, all the AGM papers are available here.
Members can still submit questions even if they cannot attend the Zoom meeting, and the committee will respond to them.

AGM Agenda & Reports

All reports for the AGM are listed here,
and can be read/printed by clicking each report.

AGM Agenda

Chairman's Report

Treasurer's Report

Group Coordinator's Report

Register to attend AGM and/or submit questions

Members MUST register before 10 August in order to attend.
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"House Rules" when in the Zoom Room at the AGM:

1 If you have sound and video on your device please turn then on if you wish to be heard and seen.
2 All members will be muted during the meeting. This will stop the possibility of people talking over one another.
3 If a member wishes to speak they must raise their hand, use the 'raise hand' icon, or use the 'chat' facility. They will need to wait until invited to speak to give time to be unmuted!
4 All submitted questions will be answered by the committee, and there will be the opportunity to ask supplementary questions - using 3 above.
5 Voting will take place by a show of hands or using the 'chat' option.
6 Please be patient! This is a new experience for many people and there may be hiccups or things may take more time than usual.
7 We will not be subject to the 40 minute time limit.