S&G u3a

AGM, Held on Thursday May 4, 2023, Glastonbury Town Hall

The Agenda and Reports presented at the AGM are shown below.



  1. Apologies
  2. Minutes of Previous AGM on 28th April, 2022
  3. Chair’s Report
  4. Financial Report
  5. Group’s Report
  6. Election of Officers/Committee Members
  7. Discussion & proposals for Group Fees
  8. Any other business
  9. Closing remarks

Chair's Report

With the AGM approaching it is a chance for me to look back on my first year as Chair. The u3a year which started in September 2022 started with more freedom after Covid but many were being cautious – yet there was a desire to get back to normality. Then in September we had the death of the Queen. I can remember watching her coronation on a small black and white screen the television having been specially purchased for the event. Now we are approaching the coronation of King Charles the Third.

The best thing about our u3a is the friendship and friendly interaction. As the time rolls through from September until March it is good to have a time in the week to enjoy with others, either an activity or further learning, or discussion and fun together. What for me is the value that there is no  pressure. No one to give you work to do or question what you have learned or what you have remembered from the previous fortnight. The activity sessions are fun, whether its walking, cycling, table tennis, music and language,  I could name many more. Thanks to all who contribute either as a leader or a member. Our slogan learn, laugh, live is something to be enjoyed and celebrated. 

Part of the autumn and spring as far as the committee was concerned was discussing the proposal of escalating cost from the Third Age Trust. We engaged in some Zoom meetings with other u3a all over the country. This issue is ongoing and not resolved yet. The cost of the Trust magazine is increasing as is the cost of postage. Also the increasing cost of our venues has escalated enormously and will need to be addressed in the future.

It is important that we all continue to tell others about our u3a enjoyment and experience. This year we have been able to enjoy the Christmas Party and three coffee mornings, in addition to the group activities, and we should to continue to spread the word and tell others about what we do, to encourage new people and newly retired to sign up and enjoy the wide range of classes on offer. 

I wish to pay tribute to Wilton Wills who has led the English History and Opera Groups for many years, who now feels it is time to finish. It is hoped we can continue the history group in some other way.

Whether you are a newcomer or seasoned veteran – we look forward to another u3a year ahead. We are always pleased to hear your comments, ideas, problems, using our splendid website. Especially comments about things you really enjoyed are welcome. The year has gone well and I thank everyone and the committee for their support.

Sue Thurgood, Chair S&G u3a

Treasurer's Report 2021-2022

Financial Report – in absence of the treasurer.

Since the pandemic and the lockdowns, our member numbers have dropped by about 20%. Obviously this has had a knock-on effect in members joining groups, and nearly all groups that use a venue that we hire are running at a loss. Venue hire fees have increased and are likely to increase further in years ahead. We have sufficient funds to cover these losses for this year and next year if this downturn in numbers continues. Unless we increase group membership there will come a time when we will need to consider increasing Group Fees.

Third Age Matters. Head office increased the cost of the magazine this year to £3.60 per member that receives it. In the past we have paid for TAM from our funds, however we think it is now time for those Members who opt to have this magazine from head office to be charged at cost, £3.60. This will need to be added to the £12 membership fee.

The bottom line is, there will be no increase in Membership nor Group fees for September 2023. However, we do urge everyone to spread the word about what we offer.

If asked, u3a stands for Uniting 3rd Agers!

Group's Report

Overall 2022/2023 has been a successful and positive year.  Feedback tells me that enthusiasm remains high and members continue to enjoy the varied programme of groups on offer. 

We’re sorry to say goodbye to Scrabble Group but thank Vivienne Fairbrother for her group leadership over the past years. 

Good news at the beginning of the year when Stephen Wright resurrected Racketball and Martin Kennard Mah Jong.  

Our thanks also to Helen Hickman for taking on leading Film Group, and Mo Pickford for Painting for Pleasure following on from Jill Webb – all much appreciated.

British History has been a popular group thanks to Wilton Wills for his excellent leadership over many years, Brenda Webber has stepped up ensuring continuity. 

A big thank you to all leaders for their continued commitment and hard work and to those who have carried on during the summer months. 

The first meeting of our new Cycling Group has taken place thanks to Charlie Beaton and we’re trusting that there will be lots of interest in our new Philosophy Group lead by Richard Golding starting in September. 

So, looking to the future we hope to see you all at the AGM and on Enrolment Day. 

Please keep visiting this website for up to date news on groups and developments and look out for the new September programme in the July Newsletter.

Linda Wilson, Group Coordinator