Group Register Autumn 2020 - for GL use

This online form is being used in place of the paper Payment Register. Most Groups being held during the autumn will not be paying fees, however this completed form is still required. Please read the Notes before use. As GL you may wish to keep your own record of members, possibly to include an email address. Members email address is not needed on this form, only: Name, U3A Number, Telephone Number, (Fee paid if applicable).

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(If collecting fees add amount paid after Tel. Number)

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Everyone who attends your sessions must be a member and supply you with their current membership number.

If your Venue is 'Zoom' or 'Internet' there is NO Group Fee to collect during autumn 2020.

If your Group is held outside, ie Walking, there is NO Group Fee during autumn 2020.

Otherwise the usual fee applies, except we are not offering Taster Sessions (one-off visits) to reduce the use of cash.

Group Fees

GL who are collecting fees should only accept cheques, no cash, payable to Street&Glastonbury u3a.
These should be posted, with name of Group & GL, to the Treasurer at:
89 Somerton Road,

as soon as possible after collecting the fees and submitting this form.

Submit Fees by Bank Transfer
Alternatively, GL may wish to make fee payments by Bank Transfer. Ensure your members make cheque payments to you!
Bank details for Transfer:
Sort Code: 40 22 07
Account#: 61106562
Reference: Group Name

Please add how much each member has paid after their Tel. Number.

Thank you.