This group runs in both weeks.

Time: Week 1 & 2, 10.00-11.30 Session is for 1½hours

Place: Victoria Club, Street

Leader: Ursula Dunne; Tel: 01458 850416; Email:

Yoga with Ursula is gentle. If you have never done it before please don't let this stop you.Yoga builds flexibilty and strength slowly but also teaches one how to use the breath well.

As we focus on stretching and moving slowly this allows us time just to be, to escape for a while from"the chattering monkeys"of the mind. There is always an easy warm up, some of the classic asanas which may be standing, sitting, on all fours or lying down. Variations are given so that you can do less or more!

You are always encouraged to listen to your body and think of the movements as self-directed therapy not strain or challenge. We always end with a relaxation time, which everyone likes.

Why not try it? All you need is a yoga mat, a little cushion for your head and a blanket for the final relaxation.

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Weekly Yoga Group with
Ursula Dunne, Victoria Club