Enrolment Thursday Aug 24
Glastonbury Town Hall, 10.00-11.30.
For Membership go to the Small Hall,
Enrol in Group activities in the Main Hall.

Quilting Exhibition in Small Hall.

The new Programme of Group activities for
2017 to 2018 is now available.
Visit the Groups page for details.

Welcome to Street and Glastonbury U3A. We look forward to seeing you at a group meeting or one of our U3A events where you will receive a warm welcome.

Street and Glastonbury U3A has no fixed boundaries and covers an area beyond the village of Street and the town of Glastonbury including many villages in the vicinity. We are part of a unique and exciting organisation providing life-enhancing, life-changing opportunities to those who are retired or semi-retired; run for and by our members, who want to keep active in mind and body.

Our organisation is about learning new things, sharing life experiences, and most importantly making new friends.

As a member you will have access to the many and varied group activities – all run by our members.  There is no teacher, there is no exam; this is about enjoying yourself and learning for the sheer joy of it!

Retirement does not mean that we must stand still. It is a golden opportunity to take up new activities, to continue to learn, to laugh and live! Our aim is enjoyment – we want all members to see their membership as a means to enrich their lives.

Each year we typically recruit around 500 individuals as members and they participate in one or more of some 45 plus groups and events.

Our membership fees are £10 per person for the year September to August.
Click here to download a Membership Form. and here for a Gift Aid Declaration form.
We also have an associate membership rate of £5 for existing members of neighbouring U3As who wish to join in on our programme of activities.

Most groups operate on a fortnightly basis for which a termly charge of £6 is made. Typically a term means 6 sessions. Please check individual Group descriptions for any variance in the fee. Individuals wishing to sample programmes are welcome. A nominal charge of £1 is made for such attendances.  Most groups meet between September and April but some also meet over the summer.
  • bridge20035
  • chess
  • chinesebrushpainting
  • choir
  • familyhistory
  • hillfortmasbury167
  • linedancing
  • localhistory2
  • mahjong
  • mixedchoir
  • MusicJam2
  • painting for pleasure
  • petanque
  • poetry
  • quilting
  • readingshakespeare1
  • tabletennistuesdaymorning1
  • UkuleleBand3
  • upwords
  • bodycalm

New members assure us that the welcome they receive is very positive. Please explore our Events and Groups pages. We hope that you find something of interest. If not, and you have ideas of activities that would be of interest, we would love to hear from you. We would be particularly pleased to hear from anyone willing to lead a group.

Reg. Charity Number: 1076664

* Enrolment Day Thursday 24 August 2017. Glastonbury Town Hall, 10am-11.30am

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* U3A 2017 Conference & AGM ~ Click here to visit the website for full details

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